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Ryan eating Berthillon Ice Cream Berthillon


Jun 11 2013

The Best Ice Cream in Paris Paris is a city best explored by foot and after walking all those miles, you will probably be hungry.…

Mexican Style Tortilla Espanola Bocadillo

Feb 21 2013

Mexican Style Tortilla Española Bocadillo Makes 2 large sandwiches or 4 small ones (A note about the tortilla: In Spain the word tortilla does not refer to the thin, flatbread that is synonymous with Mexican cuisine. Rather, it’s best translated as an omelet although tortilla española is never eaten at breakfast. And in Spanish cuisine a bocadillo is a type of a sandwich.)

Malmaison Oxford

Feb 06 2013

From Castle to Prison to Hotel Following the Norman invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror was crowned King of England…

The Standard

Feb 05 2013

Indian Restaurant in Oxford English cuisine has a lot of stereotypes assigned to it, but the one we can all agree on is that food,…

Chocolate Bar

Feb 04 2013

Sadly, this restaurant is now closed. Restaurant and Bar in Amsterdam Zuid Chocolate Bar is a restaurant and bar located just off of the Albert Cuyp…

The 9 Things in My Quart Sized Bag: Dude Edition

Jan 31 2013

Last week, Kindra told you which liquids she puts in her quart size bag when we fly. My needs aren’t as extensive, but here’s my…

De Stadskantine

Jan 29 2013

Coffee and Croissants, Beer and Broodjes in Amsterdam You know the type of food you want, but you can’t put it to words. You don’t…

Albert Cuypmarket

Jan 25 2013

The Largest Outdoor Market in the Netherlands In 1905, in an attempt to organize the chaos of street vendors that had flooded to the streets…


Jan 23 2013

Sublime Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid You know the saying, “If you only have one thing on the menu, you better do it right.” Well,…

De Prael Brewery

Jan 21 2013

Craft Beer in Amsterdam’s Red Light District So you thought there was nothing that would interest you in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Think again. Yes,…

Brouwerij ‘t Ij

Jan 18 2013

Brewery and Tasting Room in Amsterdam Looking for a great beer in Amsterdam? Then look underneath the windmill. Brouwerij t’Ij is located east of the…

Arend’s Nest

Jan 17 2013

Amsterdam’s All Dutch Beer Bar When people think of Dutch beer, most will think of Heineken .  Their commitment to quality and decades of relentless…

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

Jan 15 2013

Craft Beer in Portland For the craft beer lover, a visit to Portland means tasting plenty of delicious, locally brewed beer. Full Sail ,  Rogue…

Rogue Distillery and Public House

Jan 10 2013

Check in as a Member of Rogue Nation in Portland Rogue Ales is renowned for their delicious craft beer, but did you know they own…

Portland Food Carts

Jan 07 2013

Don’t Miss The Cartopia and 5th Street Pods Portland and its food carts exist in a perfect symbiotic relationship. The food carts need Portland to…

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Jan 04 2013

Portland’s Eco-Friendly Brew Pub Our friend Luke works at a brewery in Portland. And not just any brewery either, but a brewery that is an…

Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Dec 13 2012

Wood-Fired Pizza in Portland We here at Love & Adventure love pizza and we never miss a chance to try a new place. We heard…

Full Sail Brewery Full Sail Brewing Company

Full Sail Brewing Company

Dec 12 2012

Hood River, Oregon’s Finest Beer When the Temperance Movement convinced enough people in enough states that prohibiting alcohol would be a good idea, America got…

Daibutsu in Nara Links We Love Vol. 51

Links We Love Vol. 51

Dec 08 2012

Photographs of Snowflakes VW Europe Illustrations I Wish Cheese Was a Vegetable . Duh. Floppy Disk Table …so geeky, yet so cool. Visit India in…

Doug Fir The Doug Fir

The Doug Fir

Dec 07 2012

Portland’s Coolest Bar And that is saying something. Portland has no shortage of awesome watering holes, but the Doug Fir  takes the cake for cool.…

Links We Love Vol. 50

Links We Love Vol. 50

Dec 01 2012

Dutch Flower Sculptures India By Train Portraits on Maps Kaleido Trays Italian Prints