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March 2012

Links We Love: Vol 22

Mar 31 2012

Travel gear for every destination – at Design Sponge Don’t miss these 5 must eat Parisian Snacks – at Landlopers Google’s April Fools joke is…

Rent A Bike In Amsterdam

Rent A Bike In Amsterdam

Mar 30 2012

Go Dutch And See The City On Two Wheels When you get off the train at Centraal, the first thing you see is bicycles. Kids…

Travel Tip #21: Have a Great Attitude

Travel Tip #21: Have a Great Attitude

Mar 29 2012

Have A Great Attitude A Buddhist proverb tells the story of a dishonest, selfish man who visited a neighboring city and returned home to report…

Palacio Real

Mar 28 2012

Spain’s Royal Palace In Western Madrid No trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to at least one palace. Visiting these larger-than-life residences…

The Presidio

Mar 26 2012

Presidio is Spanish for “Fort” After you take the Cable Car  from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf with a throng of tourists, you may be disappointed…

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Mar 24 2012

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Mar 23 2012

The Cutest Hotel In Amsterdam Ok, there isn’t an official ballot, but if there ever is, our money would be on t’Hotel . While you are…

Travel Tip #20: When to Take a Taxi

Mar 22 2012

Sometimes we like our luxury. Hot showers, cold beer the occasional taxi cab. We know we should use public transportation : it’s cheap and environmentally…

Amsterdam Museum

Mar 21 2012

The Story Begins When The Amstel Was Dammed… The Amsterdam Museum should be your first stop on your first visit to Amsterdam. (Note — if you…

Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

Mar 20 2012

Small Restaurant, Big Pancakes Yes, we know it shows up in all of the guidebooks but that should not scare you away. Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs is…

ABC Bookstore

Mar 19 2012

Anglophone’s Paradise in Central Amsterdam Towards the end of your trip to Amsterdam, after a couple of long layovers and train rides, you suddenly find…

Links We Love: Vol 20

Mar 17 2012

We take a lot of photos with our iPhones, and we are loving Camera Awesome – check out the details for yourself.  Do you have…

Travel Tip #19: Use Public Transportation

Mar 15 2012

Study maps and plan your routes before you go We here at L&A are big fans of public transportation. Someone else takes you from where…


Mar 13 2012

Sevilla’s Royal Palace is One-of-a-Kind Forget everything you know about Royal Palaces. Good. The Alcazar of Sevilla is unlike any palace you have been to…

Sevilla Cathedral

Mar 12 2012

“Let a church so beautiful and so great that those who see it built will think we were mad” . With those words, construction on…

The Mezquita

Mar 09 2012

The photo on the title page of my 11th grade Spanish textbook captivated me. The picture showed a temple of some sort with an array…

Travel Tip #18: Frequent Flyer Programs

Mar 08 2012

They are free and they are heavily advertised. What’s the catch? Redeeming your miles is about as easy as getting a refund from a used…

The Mezquita, Cordoba

Mar 07 2012

Stay tuned, we’re working on new posts right now! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this lovely photo from Cordoba.

Emperador Trajano

Mar 02 2012

Great Morning Meal In Sevilla Before the sun gets too hot for coffee, stop by Emperador Trajano for a cup of espresso and some pastry.…

March Wallpapers

Mar 01 2012

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! Just thinking about it makes us daydream about Cinque Terre , Italy. Here are some wallpapers…