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Travel Tip #18: Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent FlyerThey are free and they are heavily advertised. What’s the catch? Redeeming your miles is about as easy as getting a refund from a used car salesman. So why sign up for them? Well, they are free, and you never know what the future holds. You can usually sign up for a program after you travel, so there is no rush to do this before.

With the proliferation of airline-sponsored credit cards and the bonus miles for carrying such a card, signing up for one can be worth the same as a few trips abroad. Add those bonus miles to the ones you have earned over the years and it can really add up. Be wary of the credit cards, though. Many come with an annual fee and the bonus miles may not offset that. Also, if you don’t pay your balance of every month, the interest that the card will charge you will make those miles cost many times more than they are actually worth.

Know Before You Go

Being an informed traveller is your best bet for saving money on air travel.

Bottom Line

Doing your research ahead of time and being flexible will help you from getting screwed.

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