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January 2012

London Eye

Jan 30 2012

The London Eye Sees All When you go on vacation, going to the top of things  is often high on the list of sightseeing activities, and London…

Downton Abbey Name Generator

Jan 29 2012

Kindra’s favorite show right now is Downton Abbey. She’s L&A’s resident anglophile – as a a matter of fact, our very first international trip together…

Links We Love – Vol. 17

Jan 28 2012

Things to do in DC – tips from a local European trip ideas Test your knowledge of mysterious places Here’s an amazing time lapse video of Yosemite…


Jan 27 2012

Fine Italian Dining in Downtown San Francisco Fino Ristorante and Bar is a cozy little place just off Union Square that has quiet, comfortable dining area…

Travel Tip #13: Finding Good Prices on Airfare

Jan 26 2012

So you are thinking of going on a trip, huh? You’ve saved some money and gotten some time off work, so it’s hasta luega to…


Jan 25 2012

Best Sushi in San Francisco That’s what Yelp said, and we concur. Located near the Ferry Building , Ozumo is a large restaurant featuring a…

Sears Fine Food

Jan 24 2012

Great Food With a Side of Nostalgia Along the cable car line on Powell Street just north of Union Square is a San Francisco institution:…

Lombard Street, Gough Street and Alamo Square

Jan 23 2012

Scene Around San Francisco San Francisco is a very popular setting for movies. The city’s unique geography and iconic architecture make it an interesting place…

Links We Love – Vol 16

Jan 21 2012

This Japanese idiom tickled me for some reason. If you’re a transit geek, don’t miss  World Subway Paths at Scale . Check out this cool…

Honey Honey

Jan 20 2012

Brunch Done Right in San Francisco It is no secret that L&A loves brunch. With the expanded menu, the leisurely pace, the slice of cantaloupe…

Travel Tip #12: Keep Your Credit Cards In Two Places

Jan 19 2012

Never have all of your credit cards on you on at once Nowadays, anyone with a pulse has a mailbox stuffed with credit card offers.…

21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant

Jan 18 2012

Brewery and Restaurant in San Francisco’s SoMa Neighborhood On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted ending the Temperance…

Pack Light and Carry On Wallpapers

Jan 17 2012

A week ago, we released our Pack Light and Carry On Poster  and we thought it was such a good reminder that we decided to…


Jan 16 2012

America’s Most (In)famous Prison Clang. The doors shut. You did not even see the guard do it-he’s way down the corridor, out of sight. The…

Sunday Set List: Ryan’s Birthday Edition

Jan 15 2012

Hey, it’s Ryan’s birthday! To celebrate, here are some of his favorite songs from the past year.

4 Minute Vacation: Swiss Alps

Jan 14 2012

Need a quick break? Daydream away with our Switzerland slideshow – featuring Murren, Piz Gloria and Lauterbraunen. Want more? You can download iPhone and desktop…

Links We Love – Vol 15

Jan 14 2012

Go off the beaten path in Egypt. Iguazu Falls looks amazing! We’re loving these prints of North America from above!

Travel Tip #11: Budgeting

Jan 12 2012

Come up with an estimated budget and then double it. My dad says there are two types of dollars: Regular Dollars and Vacation Dollars ,…

Asian Art Museum

Jan 11 2012

San Francisco Honors Asian Culture With A Magnificent Museum The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco has one of the West’s largest collection of Asian…

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Jan 10 2012

Day Trip From San Francisco On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge lies Marin County, home to Muir Woods National Monument and Mount…

Tattered Cover Bookstore

Jan 09 2012

Downtown indie bookstore with a massive selection Although I do read books on my iPad , especially when we’re vacationing for a long time, there’s…