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Best Sushi in San Francisco

Sushi at Ozumo in San FranciscoThat’s what Yelp said, and we concur. Located near the Ferry Building, Ozumo is a large restaurant featuring a sushi bar, grill, sake lounge and dining areas. The restaurant offers lovely views of the Embarcadero and the Bay, but you would not know this from the entrance on Steuart Street. As you follow the hostess to your table, you wonder “How much further?” and then you are hit with stunning views through large windows. The size does not detract from the quality of the Sake Barfood nor the the dining experience, quite the opposite. The menu has a lot to offer and the waitstaff will help you decide and will also make suggestions if they feel your dining experience could be improved. The meals are best shared, so go with family or friends and order a lot of different things. The plates will come from the chefs slowly to allow you to savor each dish.

Know Before You Go

Ozumo, San FranciscoWith top ratings, the restaurant is bound to be busy, so make things easy on yourself and book ahead. The online reservation tool was so easy, I thought it might be broken, but then I saw the confirmation in my inbox moments later.

Bottom Line

If sushi is your kind of meal, then this is your kind of place.

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