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Travel Tip #13: Finding Good Prices on Airfare

Leaving on a jet planeSo you are thinking of going on a trip, huh? You’ve saved some money and gotten some time off work, so it’s hasta luega to to the daily grind, and you’re off to see the world! First of all, congratulations-deciding to go is the biggest hurdle. Probably the second biggest challenge, however, is finding reasonable airfare.

More volatile than the stock market and twice as confusing, the airline ticket pricing system is a complete mystery. You can always buy a ticket quickly from any number of places, but is that the best price? Chances are, you’ll never know. A good deal on airfare seems like an urban myth: everyone knows somebody who has a friend that flew to the Caribbean for $95 because of a glitch. We can’t help you get fluke tickets, but we can help you minimize the time spent searching and the eventual hit your for credit card will take. Airfare is usually the single largest purchase of any trip, so we’re devoting the next 5 tips in our travel tip series to help you find and book a great deal.

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