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July 2012

fushimi-inari shrine Fushimi-Inari Shinto Shrine

Fushimi-Inari Shinto Shrine

Jul 30 2012

Tunnel of 10,000 Torii Gates L&A has been to their fair share of places of worship, from cathedrals and country churches to synagogues and Buddhist temples,…

Links We Love Vol. 37

Links We Love Vol. 37

Jul 28 2012

Film Locations Map via Quipsologies Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs via Gala Darling Awesome Post Cards via Wired The World’s Best Places to Swim via Apartment…

Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Jul 27 2012

Great Hotel in the Heart of Tokyo Booking a hotel for Tokyo is difficult only because there are so many options. There are rooms for…

Travel Tip #36

Travel Tip #36

Jul 26 2012

Bring Activities for Downtime When you are an independent budget traveler, you are often faced with a lot of downtime because you are at the mercy…

Luggage Tags Etsy Roundup: Luggage Tags

Etsy Roundup: Luggage Tags

Jul 25 2012

Is your bag a little blah? Do you have a hard time picking out your suitcase from a sea of identical black suitcases at the…

Hotel Monterey

Jul 24 2012

European-Style Hotel in the Heart of Kyoto We here at L&A love to plan our trips down to the finest detail. Some folks like to…

Say ya to da U.P. eh!

Say ya to da U.P. eh!

Jul 23 2012

We are lucky… because we get to spend time with old friends, watching sunsets, taking saunas, & jumping into the lake. Drinking great beer, &…

Links We Love Vol. 36

Jul 21 2012

Portable Rowboat via Swiss Miss Tilt-Shift Spain via Colossal What to do in Chicago via Y Travel Blog Pets Rock! Posters via Grain Edit Daytrip…


Jul 20 2012

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto So, you have decided to go to Kiyomizu Temple. Everyone keeps talking about how charming Kyoto is, but so far you…

Travel Tip #35

Jul 19 2012

Make a Travel Document For Your Trip to Stay Organized When we were kids, there wasn’t much Internet for residential customers, so our parents had…

Etsy Roundup: Map Madness

Jul 18 2012

We love to shop for handmade and unique items for our friends and family – so of course we are on Etsy all the time.…

Links We Love Vol. 35

Jul 14 2012

Zombie-Proof World Landmarks via Buzzfeed Omaha is Awesome! via Over Yonderlust Car Races through San Francisco via kottke Make Your Own Marquee Lights via Oh…

Kurobe Alpine Route Part 1

Jul 13 2012

The Kurobe Dam When people think of Alps, they think Switzerland and The Sound of Music. But Japan has them, too (remember the 1998 Winter…

Travel Tip #34

Jul 12 2012

Pack An All-Purpose Jacket When you are traveling, you don’t have your whole wardrobe at your disposal. What’s more, because you packed light so you can…

Tamanoyu Ryokan

Jul 10 2012

Traditional Japanese Inn in Matsumoto If you go to Japan and stay in only Western-style hotel rooms, you will have a wonderful time. If you…

It’s Our Birthday!

Jul 09 2012

Love & Adventure is one year old today! We’d like to thank each and every person who reads our blog and shares their own tips…

Links We Love Vol. 34

Jul 07 2012

Cool Pennants via Lost Type Parks of the World via Quipsologies Another Article on Airfare via The Independent Polaroid Picture Frames via Swiss Miss Amazing…

Matsumoto Castle

Jul 06 2012

A National Treasure of Japan Matsumoto is a city of 250,000 located in the Nagano prefecture and it serves as a gateway to the Japanese…

Travel Tip #33

Jul 05 2012

Put Your Liquids Into 100 ml Bottles To Avoid Checking Your Bag Always Carry On. This mantra makes for a high speed, low drag trip…

Happy 4th of July!

Jul 04 2012

Wisconsin Road Trip

Jul 02 2012

L&A received this question: My mom is turning 50 and she is taking her first week long vacation in three years to celebrate. We are…