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July 2011

Big Bay State Park

Big Bay State Park

Jul 28 2011

Camping on Madeline Island After our sea kayaking day-trip , we loaded up our car and bikes onto the 3:30 Madeline Island Ferry , and…

Enjoying a Stroopwafel in Amsterdam How to Actually Enjoy Your Vacation

Do vacations sometimes leave you wanting…more? Here’s an article by The Washington Post’s Marta Zaraska that explores whether or not vacations make us truly relaxed and happy.…

Stevens Point Brewery

Stevens Point Brewery

Jul 17 2011

Brewery Tour in the Heart of Wisconsin Here at L&A headquarters, we drink a lot of beer, and since we live in Wisconsin, we drink…

Kayaking Sea Kayaking on Lake Superior

Explore the red sandstone cliffs and sea caves along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore by kayak!