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August 2012


Aug 31 2012

Silver Pavilion Buddhist Temple In the 15th century, the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa built his retirement home in the foothills of the mountains in eastern Kyoto. …

Travel Tip #40

Aug 30 2012

Bring a First Aid Kit Stowing a few small items in your dopp kit to make a  travel-size first aid kit  can save you a…

Heian Shrine

Aug 29 2012

Kyoto’s Most Popular Shinto Shrine and Gardens Although only a little over 100 years old, the  Heian Shrine  is very popular among visitors and residents.…

Swissotel Amsterdam

Aug 27 2012

Business Hotel on the Damrak Swissotel Amsterdam is located right on the Damrak, Amsterdam’s main drag which bustles with tourists and souvenir shops and is…

Links We Love Vol. 41

Aug 25 2012

Wow – this composite photo of the Perseids Meteor Shower  is breathtaking –  via Kottke Check out this epic  Bicycle Drawing In London via Creative…

Casa Di David

Aug 24 2012

Italian Restaurant on a Dutch Canal Dutch food is great (especially if you like comfort food), and we just love  bitterballen , gouda and frites…

Travel Tips Hit the Road

Aug 23 2012

Check out our guest post on Life of Something New Want your travel tip today? We’re guest posting over on Life of Something New as…

Vondelpark Plaza Hotel

Aug 22 2012

Modern Hotel in a Quiet Location Staying in the center of Amsterdam can be a bit pricey and jam-packed, especially on a UK Bank Holiday…

Gontaro Restaurant

Aug 20 2012

The Best Noodles in Kyoto Kyoto has no shortage of restaurants, but if you want great noodles, Gontaro is your go-to spot. This restaurant specializes in…

Links We Love Vol. 40

Aug 18 2012

Scenes from an airplane  via Holler at Lola Vintage Travel Posters via Quipsologies Cool posters of  Dogs  (hey – we know this is a travel…


Aug 17 2012

Daytrip From Kyoto Kyoto is filled with so much to see and do that you could easily spend your entire trip there visiting the many…

Travel Tip #39

Aug 16 2012

Bring Your Own Over-the-Counter Medications Over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications are handy to have at home and can be especially useful when traveling. When you are on…


Aug 15 2012

Historic Neighborhood in Northwest Kyoto Everyone talks about the old neighborhoods, temples, shrines and gardens in Kyoto, but when you arrive at the train station,…

Saihoji Temple

Aug 13 2012

Buddhist Temple and Moss Garden In Kyoto The gardens at the temples in Japan are some of the best in the world, but the best…

Links We Love Vol. 39

Aug 11 2012

Paris In Motion via Colossal The Everywhereist What if Jupiter Orbited Earth? via Kottke Food Festivals via National Geographic Make Money From Your Unused Car…

Travel Tip #38: 4 Tips on Picking a Restaurant on the Fly

Aug 09 2012

Picking a restaurant while you are traveling can be tough — especially if you get cranky when you are hungry! Here are four tips to…

Etsy Roundup: Glamping

Aug 07 2012

Labor Day is the perfect time to get out of town and head for the woods – but you don’t necessarily have to rough it…

Nijo Castle

Aug 06 2012

Feudal Castle in Central Kyoto Nijo Castle, located in the center of Kyoto, is a feudal castle with a couple of moats, expansive gardens and…

Links We Love Vol. 38

Aug 04 2012

Graph of Technology Adoption via The Atlantic Cool Ads from India via Creative Roots Vegetarian Mural in Spain via Colossal Milwaukee Photos Wevther    

London Calling

Aug 03 2012

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” ― Samuel Johnson

Travel Tip #37

Aug 02 2012

Reserve Ahead of Time for Popular Attractions When traveling, you want to see and experience everything a place has to offer in the short time…