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Swissotel Amsterdam

Business Hotel on the Damrak

Swissotel Amsterdam
is located right on the Damrak, Amsterdam’s main drag which bustles with tourists and souvenir shops and is just a stone’s throw from Centraal station. It is a large hotel with big, clean, light-filled rooms, polite staff, and a location that can’t be beat. Sure, the Damrak is crowded and noisy, but inside your spacious room, it may as well be miles away. Business hotels are nice once in awhile when you want a big room in a big hotel with all of the amenities. Sure the quaint, local charm is gone, but in exchange, you get a king size bed and a bathrobe – which can be nice if you’ve been roughing it for awhile in cheap hotels. However, even though it’s tempting to hang out in your comfy hotel room all day, you didn’t come all this way just to hang out in your hotel room, so ditch your bags and start checking out Amsterdam. Take a tour of the Red Light District with Randy Roy, or check out a hidden Catholic Church.

Know Before You Go

Swissotel can be a bit pricey owing to its swank digs and prime location, but deals can be had, so give it a shot.

Bottom Line

The proximity to the train station and tip-top quality make Swissotel Amsterdam a convenient place to bed down for the night, especially if you arrive in the city late or have to leave early.

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