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Vondelpark Plaza Hotel

Modern Hotel in a Quiet Location

Staying in the center of Amsterdam can be a bit pricey and jam-packed, especially on a UK Bank Holiday weekend. If crowds of Brits on a stag  aren’t your scene, but you would still like to stay near the center of town, then the Vondelpark area is perfect for you. Located just southwest of the city’s canal ring, this park is the place to go for a walk, jog, bike ride (of course) or picnic. The neighborhoods that surround the park are shady, quiet and have a more relaxed feel without the throngs of people that can be in city center.

The Vondelpark Plaza Hotel is located adjacent to Vondelpark on the park’s south side. It is about 2.5 miles from Centraal station, which can be a bit of a hike with luggage, so consider taking a tram to get here. Don’t let this scare you; the trams are super easy to use and very convenient. The rooms are modern and come with plenty of space. The staff is very friendly and speak English (of course). And you can only imagine how much Kindra enjoyed sitting in the room’s Ghost Chair.

Know Before You Go

Tram line 2 will get you to the Vondelpark Plaza Hotel. Alight at the Emmastraat stop and the hotel is straight ahead on the right side of Koninginneweg. To use the tram, first buy a Chipkaart card from machines at the airport or train stations. They are good for unlimited travel on trams, buses and the metro for the selected period of time. Once you get your card, simply swipe it when you get on the tram. You can buy a one-hour pass from tram drivers, but getting a Chipkaart is way more economical.

Bottom Line

Don’t let the location away from the city center deter you. This lovely hotel has quality and affordability and is very easy to access.


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