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Gontaro Restaurant

The Best Noodles in Kyoto

GontaroKyoto has no shortage of restaurants, but if you want great noodles, Gontaro is your go-to spot. This restaurant specializes in noodles, and in fact, they have been serving noodles in Kyoto for over a century. Centrally located in the middle of Kyoto, it is surprisingly hard to find, so mark your map before you leave. When you see the small courtyard, red lantern and single tree, you’ll know you have found the right place.

gontaroWhen you walk in, the gravel and stone from the courtyard follows you and extends into the restaurant, giving it an outdoors-inside-vibe. The hostess will show you to your table in a semi-private booth behind screens. The menu has some English, so ordering here is a bit easier. With all of the noodle dishes, it can be hard to decide, but remember, you can always come back. The price of beer here is very reasonable, a definite plus for a Wisconsinite.


Know Before You Go

The restaurant is located on the west side of Fuyacho-dori on the first block north of Shijo-dori. Fuyacho-dori is six blocks east of Karasuma-doriThey are open from 11am to 10pm daily and closed on Wednesday.

Bottom Line

You don’t stay in business this long without doing everything right.

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