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Casa Di David

Italian Restaurant on a Dutch Canal

Dutch food is great (especially if you like comfort food), and we just love bitterballen, gouda and frites. But Italian food is also amazing, so if you are pining for some pasta but you’re in Amsterdam, not Assisi, check out Casa di David. Centrally located on the Singel canal, it is easy to get to and near just about everything. They offer great atmosphere, delicious food and friendly service. The wine list is extensive, and the menu boasts pastas, pizzas, meat and fish, as well as a range of desserts. Try the ravioli or a wood-fired pizza, and please don’t miss out on the cannoli.

Know Before You Go

Casa Di David is open daily from 5pm to 11pm. Reservations can be made online.

Bottom Line

Great food, reasonable prices and a convenient location (oh, and the cannoli) make Casa Di David an excellent choice for dining in Amsterdam.

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