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April 2013

Holyrood Castle

Holyrood Castle

Apr 30 2013

Romance, Murder, Intrigue! At the bottom of the Royal Mile lies Holyrood Palace. Unlike Edinburgh Castle , Holyrood has never been a fortress, relying instead…



Apr 28 2013

Upscale Comfort Food in a Stylish Setting Madison, Wisconsin boasts such a wide variety of excellent restaurants that it can be difficult to choose where…

Links We Love

Links We Love

Apr 27 2013

How cute is this plaid camera satchel from The Photojojo Store?! Going to Europe this summer? Check out these huge music festivals . These photos…

Gear Review: Wireless Remote Control

Improve your photography for under $5 We’ve already discussed my first secret to getting great shots on vacation , and here’s the second. It’s a…

Photo Friday: The Great Glen

Outside Glencoe The Scottish Highlands are drop-dead gorgeous.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile

Apr 25 2013

Old Town’s Oldest Street After you are done  visiting Edinburgh Castle  head through the gates and across the esplanade to the Royal Mile. This series of…

A Visit to Edinburgh Castle

Centuries of Scottish History Perched on a Hill I have wanted to go to Scotland ever since I was a little girl. As a teenager…

EMA House

EMA House

Apr 16 2013

Affordable Accommodation in Zurich Switzerland is expensive. And as the financial capital of the country, Zurich is really expensive. That does not mean a stay…

Hiking in the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Part Four of our Alpine Adventure For every soaring, snowy range in the Alps, there is a lush green valley at its feet. The Lauterbrunnen…

Photo Friday: Lake Zurich

As soon as we saw the beautiful blue waters of Lake Zurich, we knew we had to jump in. After a quick trip to H&M…

Piz Gloria & The Schilthorn

Part Three of our Alpine Adventure We all know that being a tourist is about eating,  going to the top of things and seeing things…

Eiger Guesthouse in Murren

Part Two of our Alpine Adventure As we discussed yesterday , the charming village of Murren makes the ideal home base for exploring the Jungfrau region…

Traveling in the Swiss Alps

Part One of our Alpine Adventure The Swiss Alps. Just saying it conjures up visions of snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys. Dainty edelweiss and…

Photo Friday: Cashews!

In Costa Rica you can buy cashew fruit! See the green “stems”? That’s the part that holds the nut part we are familiar with!

Safe House

Safe House

Apr 03 2013

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: TOP SECRET LAIR IN MKE Are you a secret agent on the run? Or maybe just hungry? Come in from the cold…