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How to Actually Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoying a Stroopwafel in Amsterdam

Do vacations sometimes leave you wanting…more? Here’s an article by The Washington Post’s Marta Zaraska that explores whether or not vacations make us truly relaxed and happy.

Want to truly enjoy your time off?

Ryan Bender of Love & Adventure standing in front of a sunset on a lake
Here are five tips for you:
  1. Spend time planning – dreaming is half the fun
  2. Make sure you build in relaxation time at the beginning of your vacation
  3. Be prepared for travel disruptions and stress – let go and enjoy the journey
  4. Don’t just lay on the beach – have a sightseeing and activity plan
  5. Give your trip a post-mortem – put together a scrapbook or slideshow to keep that vacation feeling alive

What do you do to make your time off more enjoyable? Tell us in the comments below!

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