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Honey Honey

Honey Honey Menu, San FranciscoBrunch Done Right in San Francisco

It is no secret that L&A loves brunch. With the expanded menu, the leisurely pace, the slice of cantaloupe at the end and a whole day off that lies ahead filled with endless potential, what’s not to love? You can tell the good brunch places because there is a line out of the door on weekend mornings, and San Francisco’s Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery is no exception. Don’t be scared off,though; the line moves quickly and the wait is well worth it. Plus, you may need aminute to decide if you want something more breakfasty or lunchy or a little ofHoney Honey Crepe, San Franciscoboth. As the name indicates, they serve coffee and crepes, but they also serve a whole lot else, so check the large chalkboard taking up the entire wall to your right when you walk in for all of their offerings. If you go with a bagel with cream cheese, onion and sprouts, no worries; they are open until 10pm so you can always come back later for that burger and beer.

Know Before You Go

The staff is very friendly and will seat you as you are ordering from the counter. Credit cards are accepted, so go ahead and order a club sandwich with a side of eggs.

Bottom Line

Brunch is dish best served with a crepe.

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