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Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

Small Restaurant, Big Pancakes

Yes, we know it shows up in all of the guidebooks but that should not scare you away. Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs is nothing short of charming. After you find Grimburgwal 2, you immediately ascend some pretty steep (though typical by Dutch standards) stairs and find yourself in a room that would be described by a real estate agent as “cozy.” This is the entirety of the Pancake House Upstairs. There are three tables to pick from. Yes, that’s it. The menu features pancakes. Yes, that’s it. That area in the corner? A “galley kitchen” according to a real estate agent. So why the fuss? Ahhh the cuteness! The pancakes are delicious for sure, but it is also the experience of dining in such a small restaurant.

When you arrive grab a table and when the cook/host/waiter/cashier has a chance he will take your order, make it and then bring it out to you. The restaurant is only a single room, so you can watch the whole operation from start to finish. While you are waiting, take in the decor. The tiny room is covered in teapots of all shapes, sizes and age. They are on the tables, walls, counters and ceilings. Rumor has it that many have come from customers willing to part with their teapot in exchange for pancakes. Speaking of which, they are probably almost done by now. Forget all you know about pancakes. Done? Okay. You will not find any colored corn syrup or warming lamps here. Instead you will find fruit, nuts and Nutella and pancakes made to order mere feet from where you are seated.

Take the first bite. Pancakes are now ruined forever because these are so good. Yes, the restaurant was hard to find and yes, the pancakes may seem a little pricy (10 euro), but try to keep some perspective: they are the best pancakes in the world and available not just to kings or popes, but to anyone willing to climb some steep stairs at Grimburgwal 2.

Know Before You Go

With only 3 tables, seating is limited, but your patience will pay dividends to your taste buds.

Bottom Line

Ahh the cuteness!

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