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De Prael Brewery

Craft Beer in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Bottles of Beer at De Prael Brewery
So you thought there was nothing that would interest you in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Think again. Yes, the oldest part of the city is famously home to the oldest profession, but it is also home to De Prael Brewery. Located in a former auction house and wheelwright shop on the Prinsengracht Canal, De Prael turns out craft beer that is available throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands and also in their tasting room.

The brewery offers a couple of different types of tours. You can take the tour with 1 beer included for € 7.50, four beers for € 16.50 and with food for € 22.50. To book, send an email to If you missed the tour or just want to drink beer, head to the tasting room.
De Prael Brewery, Amsterdam - Red Light District
The entrance to the tasting room is located around the corner from the brewery entrance at Oudezijds Armsteeg 26. When you walk in, the bar is to your right with a few stools. It does not look like much until you grab your beer and start looking for a table. The place is much bigger than it looks at first. There are long tables, cafe tables, couches, chairs, coffee tables, end tables with lamps, and shelves with board games. It actually feels like being in someone’s finished basement or den. In short, it feels less like a tasting room and more like an enormous rec room. The walls are decorated with albums and all of their beers are named after famous Dutch singers. We were partial to the Nelis and Willy beers. Both were dark and very strong, though we did not realize just how strong until we stood up to leave.

De Prael also offers a full menu that includes cheese, soup, stew, fish and chips, wursts and croquettes. There are vegetarian options and they purchase ingredients from local sources whenever possible.

If you are looking for a souvenir (and you are checking your bag for the flight back home) you can buy their beer as well as beer-related products in their shop next door at Prinsengracht 30.

Know Before You Go

The tasting room is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00am to  11:00pm, and they are closed on Monday. If you would like to take the tour, be sure to book ahead of time.

Bottom Line

Great beer and a great place to drink it makes De Prael Brewery a must in Amsterdam. Plus, it gives you a legitimate reason to be in the Red Light District.

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