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Sublime Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid

Perfect Pasta at Spaghetteria, Amsterdam
You know the saying, “If you only have one thing on the menu, you better do it right.” Well,  from this cozy single room restaurant comes some of the best Italian food found outside of Italy. At Spaghetteria, the pasta is handmade each day from organic wheat straight from Italy. This fresh pasta forms the basis of the six dishes that are on the menu at any given time. The pasta noodles are cooked to perfection and the sauces are flavorful and made fresh. All of the dishes are wonderful, and served in rather large portions.
Inside Spaghetteria
Spaghetteria occupies the northeast corner of Kuipersstraat and Van Woustraat in the De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam. Along the windows on two sides of this corner building are cafe tables and in the center of the room, there are two long wooden tables placed side-by-side to make one large table. Chairs surround the tables on all sides and stools are at the cafe tables. The seating is family style at the large table and cafe style against the windows. Try and score a seat at the communal table – it’s fun to people watch here – the clientele skews towards the effortlessly hip, and who knows – you just may make a new Dutch friend.
Tiramisu & Espresso with Chocolate
Spaghetteria only serves one type of beer, Moretti. It is hard to believe L&A would be dining at a place with such a limited beer selection, but don’t worry, we prefer wine with our pasta. The wine list is perfect and the staff are knowledgeable, so if you have any questions about the wine, or the food for that matter, don’t hesitate to ask. After supper, be sure to get the tiramisu for dessert. (Seriously, save room – it’s divine!) For those who can handle it, there is espresso and it is served with a chunk of dark chocolate right off of the block.Spaghetteria

Know Before You Go

Spaghetteria is open daily from 5pm to 10pm. The seating is family-style and limited, and reservations are not accepted.

Bottom Line

The food, service and atmosphere are outstanding and prices are very reasonable.

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