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Ryan eating Berthillon Ice Cream


The Best Ice Cream in Paris

Berthillon Ice CreamParis is a city best explored by foot and after walking all those miles, you will probably be hungry. Everyone loves a sweet treat while on vacation, and in Paris, there is temptation on every block. Crepes at a corner cafe. Pain au chocolat from a boulangerie. Macarons at a candy shop, and of course, ice cream from a glacier.

Did you know that Paris is something of an ice cream mecca? The French obsession with dairy is not reserved for cheese alone, and there are many quality glaciers studding the streets. However, your trip to Paris would be incomplete without a stop at the legendary Berthillon. Renowned for their sophisticated, unique and delicious flavors, this family owned company has been scooping ice cream and sorbet since 1954 from their flagship location on the impossibly-cute Île Saint-Louis in the center of the center of Paris.

Waiting for ice cream at Berthillon

There are two options for ordering ice cream at Berthillon – you can either order your ice cream to go from the take away window (look for the line – there’s always a line) or step inside and have a seat in their charming tea room.

Ice Cream & Sorbet at Berthillon

The price for take away is considerably cheaper and there is just something about strolling these quaint streets with a cone in hand. However, if your feet are crying uncle, splurge and have a seat inside. After all, it’s not everyday you are going to have Berthillon ice cream.Ryan eating Berthillon Ice Cream

Whether you eat here or get it to go, there is probably going to be a line, especially if the weather is pleasant. This is a good thing, though as you will have plenty of time to look at the menu and decide which flavor you are going to order. Then you have time to change your mind three more times. In truth, you really can’t go wrong as every variety is bursting with flavor and creamy goodness.

Know Before You Go

Berthillon is open from 10am to 8pm Wednesday through Sunday. Can’t make it to the flagship store? Berthillon is served at many other cafes in the city.

Bottom Line

Île Saint-Louis is the smaller of the two islands in the Seine and it is connected with the larger island, Île de la Cité (the one with Notre Dame on it) by the car-free bridge, Pont Saint-Louis. Meandering these streets with ice cream in hand is Paris at its best.

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