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Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland’s Eco-Friendly Brew Pub

Hopworks Urban BreweryOur friend Luke works at a brewery in Portland. And not just any brewery either, but a brewery that is an awesome meld of beer and food and sustainability wrapped up in a bicycle-friendly wrapper. I know this sounds like it could describe most of Portland, but we are talking about Hopworks Urban Brewery.

Hopworks Urban Brewery is Portland’s first Eco-Brewpub. What does that mean? A lot, actually. From the rehabbed building using recycled materials and high efficiency appliances to sustainable brewing practices like reusing the hot water from the heat exchanger and sending the spent organic grain to a local cattle rancher, HUB has staked a reputation on sustainability (and great beer). They are powered by renewable energy and many of their ingredients are organic, local or both.

Located on a bike commuter route, HUB is extremely bike friendly (of course they are-it is Portland). They have plenty of covered bike parking and a bike repair area by the front door. They will give you a free tire patch and sell you a new tube for just $4.

Hopworks offers a full line of beers. It is always hard to decide which ones to get, so order up a flight. A tray of ten beers will come your way so you can try them all. We are partial to the Abominable Ale and their Dopplebock.

After all that delicious beer, you may need to head to the bathroom. For the guys, there  are banana seats mounted above the urinals to rest your head on while you empty your bladder. One word: classy.

Hopworks is very kid-friendly, which is to say, unusual. In Wisconsin, being a kid-friendly place to drink beer usually means a lone video game machine (Golden Tee or Ms. Pac-man), snack-size bags of potato chips and some root beer. Hopworks rolls out the red-carpet for the little ones. They have a kids’ menu and a play area, and once a month, they have family events with snacks, stories and crafts.

Know Before You Go

Hopworks offers tours at 3pm on Saturdays. You don’t have to call ahead, but it is recommended as space is limited. They are open from 11am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday and until midnight Friday and Saturday. Hopworks as a second location called the Bikebar on north Williams street. And if you see Luke, say hi!

Bottom Line

Delicious beer in a bike and kid-friendly atmosphere makes this the ideal place for people of all ages.


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