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Portland Food Carts

Don’t Miss The Cartopia and 5th Street Pods

Food Carts in Portland
Portland and its food carts exist in a perfect symbiotic relationship. The food carts need Portland to survive, and it seems like Portland needs the food carts to, well probably not survive, but certainly thrive.

There are collections of food carts, called pods, scattered throughout the city. Each pod has its perennial favorites and breakout stars. For all locations of the pods and the carts within them, checkout Foodcarts Portland.
Burritos at La Jarochita

Located near downtown hotels The Nines and Hotel Monaco, the 5th and Stark food cart pod is home to the La Jarochita, which proudly serves some of the best burritos north of the Rio Grande. They are delicious and the portions are generous. They offer meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian options and all of the burrito fillings a growing boy needs. All of this can be washed down with some Mexican Coke or horchata. Another great pick is Brunch Box. Hours here cater to a working crowd.


Across the river is the Cartopia food cart pod, located at SE 12th and Hawthorne, home to Pyro Pizza and Perierra Creperie. The pizza at Pyro is delicious, and if you were not sitting underneath a tent in a parking lot, you would never know that this wood-fired pizza came from a food cart. Who would have ever thought that putting a wood oven inside of a trailer would be suchmaking-crepesa good idea?

Perierra Creperie turns out tasty crepes early in the morning, late at night and all times in between. They offer a variety of fillings, but we are always partial to the banana and Nutella.

Know Before You Go

Check Foodcarts Portland for hours and locations of the food carts. Most food carts have some seating nearby, either public benches, communal tables, or stools at the cart itself.

Bottom Line

No visit to Portland would be complete without a stop at a food cart.

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