The 1up

Ryan playing video games at the 1up

Your Favorite Childhood Arcade Games, This Time With Beer.

My family got our first Nintendo when I was 10, right around the time Super Mario Brothers 3 came out. I was not much for video games before that, so when I started playing, I started from scratch. It took me two years of playing it daily, but I finally beat it. … Continue Reading →

The Cruise Room

Cruise Room, Denver, Colorado

Classy Drinks at a Classy Bar in Denver

The Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel opened for business on December 6th, 1933, the day after Prohibition ended. Since that day, patrons have come to soak up the neon glow and killer martinis in this sleek art-deco hot spot. Modeled after a bar on the Queen Mary, the bar boasts original fixtures and booths, including panels featuring toasts from around the world.… Continue Reading →

Avenue Bar

The Best Fish Fry in Madison

We know our fish fry in Wisconsin. Every Friday across this great state,  deep friers are heated up in restaurants, supper clubs, taverns, VFWs and church basements and cod, haddock, perch and walleye are breaded and then tossed into the oil. Why fish? Why Friday?… Continue Reading →

Sunday Setlist, November 27

This week’s tunes are all about our latest trip. In case you couldn’t guess – we were in Denver. (The Foo Fighter song is for my brother Ben – they’re his favorite band.)

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Links We Love – Vol. 10

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Packing for a Long Holiday Weekend

Carry on bags

The following is a packing list for a four-day trip to Denver in November. The weather looks to be nice during the days and chilly after the sun sets (though weather in the Rockies is notoriously unpredictable). We will be doing a lot of walking outside as well as attending a fancy Thanksgiving dinner – so we’re not exactly packing light!… Continue Reading →

Old Sugar Distillery

It was a dark & stormy kind of night

You know how much we love to drink beer here at L&A headquarters, but once in a while we like to mix it up – so after a great dinner at the Avenue Bar, we headed over to the Old Sugar Distillery to try some spirits created right here in Madison.… Continue Reading →

Sunday Setlist, November 20

This week’s songs are all about Thanksgiving – did we leave out your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to enter our contest – you could win a $25 iTunes giftcard and pick out some music for yourself!

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Links We Love – Vol. 9

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Travel Tip #5: An iPad is Your Friend


Unless you are unspeakable wealthy, traveling involves a lot of downtime. You get to the airport the TSA-recommended two hours before your scheduled departure only to find that you breezed through check-in and security in 20 minutes, leaving you with almost two hours to kill before your flight leaves. Once you are on your plane, you sit (what is taking so long?) and sit waiting to take off.… Continue Reading →