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Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe

Grab a Pizza and a Slice of History in Walker’s Point

My desert-island food? Pizza. This is the one food item I would want to have if I found myself stranded on an island (unless I am stranded on The Island, in which case 30 year-old Dharma Pizza may not be my first choice). But I am also a pizza snob. No frozen pizzas for me, and I can’t remember the last time I had Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Little Caesars, or Herman Cain’s Godfather’s Pizza. Instead, I opt for local favorites and Transfer Pizza is just that.

Housed in the old Transfer Pharmacy building (pharmacy+pizza=Ryan’s Heaven), this pizzeria offers a great pizza in a great atmosphere. The pharmacy’s stained-glass windows still boasts “prescriptions” and “stationary,” and the counter and stools are leftover from the buildings days as a George Webb. Paintings made by local artist fill the walls.

Transfer PizzeriaThe menu contains a dizzying array of specialty pizzas, but the servers will make it easy for you by pointing out their favorites. On our most recent trip, the waitress recommended the Paisano-sausage, asiago, tomato with pesto/tomato sauce. It was delicious. Pizzas come in two sizes: small and large. In order to decide which size, ask yourself this question: Will anyone else be eating my pizza? If the answer is yes, get the large. If the answer is no, the small pizza should suffice. There are other items on the menu (pastas, paninis) but who goes to a pizza place and doesn’t order pizza? Oh, and for the sprue sufferers out there, they have gluten free crust available.

Know Before You Go

Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe is located at 101 W. Mitchell St. in Milwaukee (corner of 1st and Mitchell). They are open 11am to 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Consider heading on over here after the tour at Milwaukee Brewing Company.

Bottom Line

Great neighborhood restaurant, but the pizza is so good, it is worth making a trip.


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