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Flight of beers Quench Your Thirst at Coachella Valley Brewing Co

This might be stating the obvious but…the desert is hot. Really hot.

The pool at the Desert Riviera in Palm Springs Desert Riviera Hotel

Desert Riviera Hotel

May 11 2015

A Magical Mid-Century Modern Hotel in Palm Springs The first thing we noticed about the Desert Riviera Hotel was that we didn’t notice anything; it…

Inside Voodoo Donuts in Portland Oregon Voodoo Doughuts

Voodoo Doughuts

Feb 03 2013

Good Things Come in Pink Boxes Who knew that doughnuts could be so devilish? When I was a kid, doughnuts were the treat you washed…

Exterior of Goonies House A Goonies Tour of Astoria, Oregon

Welcome to the Goondocks. Goonies never say die! When I was a kid, my family and I went to stay with some of my parents’…

Kayaking Sea Kayaking on Lake Superior

Explore the red sandstone cliffs and sea caves along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore by kayak!