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Flowers, Costa Rica

Hey guys, I’m writing this LWL in the rainforest in Costa Rica – hope your week is awesome too!

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Gear Review: Yur Buds


Ear Buds that stay in your ears!

I’ve got to tell you, these ear buds changed my life. I don’t know if my ear canals are too small, or oddly shaped, or what – but I was never able to keep any kind of earbuds in my ears until I found these.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: St. Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh

Stained glass in St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh

St. Margaret’s Chapel in the Edinburgh Castle complex is the oldest surviving building in the city. The chapel was built in the 12th century, but the stained glass dates from 1922. See more photos of Edinburgh on our Pinterest board.
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The Jewish Museum in Prague

Spanish Synagogue in Prague

Jewish History and Culture in the Old Ghetto

The Jewish Museum in Prague documents the Jewish experience in Czech lands (Bohemia and Moravia) for the last thousand years. Exhibits spread across six different sites describe the history and traditions of the Jewish people in the region.

The museum was created when the Jewish Ghetto (Josefov) underwent redevelopment at the turn of the last century.… Continue Reading →

Old-New Synagogue

Old-New Synagogue, Prague

Europe’s Oldest Synagogue

When the Old-New Synagogue (Staronová Synagoga) was built in 1270 it was originally called the New Synagogue, because there were older ones to compare it to. However, by the 1500s, the older synagogues were gone and newer ones had been built, so the New Synagogue became known as Old-New Synagogue.… Continue Reading →

Mucha Museum

Alfons Mucha - Gismonda Poster

Exploring the work of the Art Nouveau master

Alphonse Mucha is the Czech Republic’s best known artist. His work can be seen today in St. Vitus’ Cathedral (stained glass windows), at the Municipal house (frescos) and was even used during the 30s on currency. One of the progenitors of Art Nouveau, Mucha’s work features serene, seductive women framed by swirling pastel foliage.… Continue Reading →

Wish You Were Here

Flowers, Costa Rica

Hola from Costa Rica!

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Prague Castle

View of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

Castle, Cathedral and More

Prague has so many sites located in its historic city center, that the entire area is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Most of the main attractions are located in the Old Town on the eastern side of the Vlatava River and are within a few minutes’ walk of the Old Town Square.… Continue Reading →


Bloody Mary at Sardine

Stylish (and Delicious) Bistro on Lake Mendota

Consider Sardine Marigold Kitchen’s stylish older sister who spent a year at the Sorbonne, then dropped out to go to Le Cordon Bleu instead. She cooks up elegant, robust fare that could delight the pickiest Parisian in a lovingly converted warehouse on a lake.… Continue Reading →