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AEgir Brewery

Dramatic Scenery & Bold Beers in Norway

Aegir Brewery, Flam, NorwayAn American brewer falls in love with a Norwegian woman, and the result is Ægir Brewery – one of most beautiful bars in one of the most beautiful towns on earth. However, the brewery is more than a just pretty face in a pretty place: the beer here is damn good.

Ægir Brewery is perched on the tip of the Aurlandsfjord in Flam, Norway, and the steep mountain walls rising up around the water make you feel like you’ve slipped into  Aegir Brewery Hearthanother world-specifically Middle Earth. The brewery does nothing to dispel this feeling. Its stone and wood interior is built around a central hearth where patrons can gather on a communal bench draped in sheepskins and quaff giant glasses of beer.

The beer itself is great. We spent two nights in Flam, tried four of the beers and loved them all. Our only regret is that Ægir isn’t available in the states-yet, but with a major expansion planned in 2012, we’re hoping that soon we’ll be able to pick it up in Wisconsin.

Flam Fjord

Know before you go:

The brewery isn’t open every day – so check the website or call ahead of time to see when they will be open. Opening hours and times are longer in the summer. Tours can be arranged by emailing

Bottom Line:

There’s nowhere else to drink in Flam, but why would you want to go anywhere else? Simply amazing beer in a gorgeous setting.

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