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Amsterdam’s Central Park is the Perfect Place to Relax

Amsterdam has a lot to offer: picturesque canals, impossibly cute houses and quaint little shops, but sometimes you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Any metropolis worth their salt has a large public park for its citizens and visitors to stretch their legs, kick back and relax. In Amsterdam, that is Vondelpark. Located just southwest of canal ring, this 120 acre park was built in 1865 at what was then the edge of town. Today, it is an easy stroll from the city center as well as the Museumplein.

People of all ages come here to walk, sit, sunbathe, and of course, bike. When the weather is nice and you don’t feel like being inside (no matter how nice your hotel room is), head over to the park. It is the perfect place to bring some Gouda cheese from De Kaaskamer, some fresh bread and a Heineken for a picnic. After your lunch, stroll along the paths next to the ponds and marvel at how quiet it is here compared to the rest of the city. Amsterdam maybe small compared to other European capitals such as London or Paris, but it still has some big city problems like traffic and noise, but also manages some amenities like a large central park to escape to.

Know Before You Go

Vondelpark is easily accessible from Stadhouderskade, a very busy road that you will have to cross to get to first little sliver of park. Keep walking for about a quarter of a mile and you will get to the main part of the park with the ponds and paths.

Bottom Line

Vondelpark can easily be worked into any schedule, and is there when you need a place to relax.


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