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Atomic Interiors

Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Madison

eames chairAtomic Interiors doesn’t just sell furniture; they sell an idea that good design is timeless. Yes, they are one of Madison’s two Herman Miller retailers, but most of their show room is filled with used furniture. Actually, that term does not quite fit what they have, nor does “antiques.” What they sell is well-designed, mid-century modern furniture-be it new or not. Owned by Rebecca and Dave, a husband and wife team that scour the country looking for great pieces, this independent shop sells the best furniture in Madison. You may find a Bakelite radio, a set of Russell Wright tea cups and saucers, an Eames or Bertilla chair or a Danish dining table. Everything here is better designed and better crafted than most of what you would find at big-box furniture store and comparable in price. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just ask-the owners are enthusiastic and friendly. They found their calling and we reap the rewards.

Know Before You Go

They are only open Friday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. They spend the rest of their time scouring the country for vintage finds!

Bottom Line

This is the place to go in Madison for furniture. L&A HQ would be empty without them.

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