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Greenbush Bakery

Decadent donuts in Madison

This unassuming donut shop may not have the panache of VooDoo or Top Pot, but   it turns out some of of the lightest, fluffiest and most delicious donuts we have ever had.
Greenbush Bakery, UW Madison
When we moved to Madison, our first apartment was three short blocks from Greenbush Bakery. It was not good for our waistlines. Who could resist such chocolaty goodness?
Doughnuts at Greenbush Doughnuts at Greenbush Bakery
Greenbush is named for Madison’s historic Greenbush neighborhood, a melting-pot of Jewish, Italian and African-American residents during the early 20th century. This legacy lives on in it’s donuts. All of them are kosher, and my personal favorite is the Rabbi’s delight. A chocolate donut filled with raspberry jam and frosted with more chocolate. Ryan, true to form, prefers the plain cake donuts. But no matter what you try there, we guarantee you will leave happy.
The Donut Man

Know before you go

Open Monday 8:30am-11:30pm, Tuesday-Thursday 6am-11:30pm, Friday & Saturday 6am-2:30am and Sunday 6am-1pm. Carry-out only.

Bottom line

Sweet, tender, doughy perfection.

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