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Gear Review: Camelbak Groove

Leakproof, filtered water bottle for traveling

You guys, I have a confession to make. I HATE drinking water. For years, I got most all of my liquid from drinking Diet Coke and High Life (not at the same time). Fast forward a few years and although my tastes were more refined (read Coffee and Craft Beer) I still had a serious H20 deficit.

I know, I know. It’s bad. It’s especially bad when you’re traveling, because flying, jet lag and traipsing all over foreign cities can dehydrate you quickly. And although I love grabbing a latte on vacation (or even a lunch beer), I realized the error of my ways, and have learned to love drinking water.

How you ask? The Camelbak Groove is the answer. This lightweight, leakproof miracle filters even the grodiest (potable*) water into a delicious, refreshing liquid delight. Each sip is like drinking from a sylvan alpine stream at dawn. In other words, I can’t recommend it enough.

*It does have to be drinkable water though – this isn’t going to save you from Montezuma’s revenge!




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