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Photo Friday: Manneken Pis

Brussels’ (unofficial) mascot is a statue of a small urinating boy.
Manneken Pis in Brussels
This cheeky, devil-may-care child is a symbol of Belgian independence and brio. Although his origin story is a little murky, he’s been happily peeing in this corner for over 700 years. He owns hundreds of outfits, sent by adoring fans and foreign dignitaries alike, and on occasion he actually pisses beer. To find him, leave the Grote Markt from the southern end of the plaza and head southwest on Rue de l’Etuve/Stoofstraat. You can’t miss him. He’s usually surrounded by legions admirers.

Bonus photo

Viewing Manneken Pis? Don’t miss the gigantic mural of Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock running down the stairs.

Tintin in Brussels

P.S. Leonidas & Neuhaus Chocolatiers are very, very close as well.

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