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Suck UK bottle opener

Gear Review: Bottle Opener

A Travel Essential for Beer Geeks

We’re kind of ashamed to admit it, but neither of us can open a beer bottle sans opener. We never mastered the lighter trick (and we don’t smoke anyway), our mothers would kill us if we used our teeth, and after an ill-advised and excruciating attempt to use a piece of paper to open a bottle of ESB in a B&B in the Lake District; we’ve just made it a point to pack a bottle opener whenever we travel.

Key Bottle Opener

Except, of course when we forget it. Which we did on our last trip. You see, in Wisconsin, everyone carries a bottle opener on their key chain. However, most people don’t bring their car keys on when they fly overseas, and we are no exception. Luckily, we were able to find a super cool bottle opener shaped like a skeleton key at a quirky little shop in Amsterdam. And even luckier for you, you don’t have to go to Amsterdam to buy it, since Amazon also sells it. Of course, now that this bottle opener is home and on my key chain, perhaps we’re doomed to repeat history. Note to self. Add bottle opener to packing list.

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