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De Kaaskamer

Cheese Shop in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets

De KaaskamerAfter spending a morning shopping the impossibly cute shops in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets, you are probably starving. It takes a lot of energy to browse through vintage clothing stores, antique shops, and stores that sell nothing but buttons or toothbrushes. After converting all of those prices from euros to US dollars (best not to think about the poor exchange rate too much-you overbudgeted for this trip, remember), it is time for lunch.De Kaaskamer

De Kaaskamer is a cheese shop located in the middle of the 9 streets. Head over here for a sandwich made to order. While you are waiting, do some more shopping. Their selection of Dutch and European cheeses is nothing short of stunning (and that is saying something considering how many cheese shops L&A has been to). Of course, be sure to grab some Gouda from Gouda and some Edam from Edam to go. But also try the Manchego and Queso al Romero from Spain, L’Etivaz Alpage from Switzerland and the Farmhouse Leicester from England.

De Kaaskamer also sells wine, meat, preserves, crackers and pesto, so be sure to pick up some picnic supplies here. By now your sandwich is probably finished, so it is time to pay for all of your cheese. It seems expensive, but it is not. Cheesemaking is a combination of art and science, and good quality cheese has a lot of hard work behind it. Compare the price to a meal at a chain restaurant back home and you are getting the deal of a lifetime.

Know Before You Go

De Kaaskamer is open Monday from 12pm to 6pm, Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Bottom Line

You could skip De Kaaskamer, but then you would miss out on some of the best cheeses IN THE WORLD. Could you live with yourself?



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