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Croissanterie Egstorf

Breakfast Fare To Go In Central Amsterdam

Chocolate CroissantThe only think worse than airport food is airplane food (well, possibly public school lunches). Airport food is going to cost you and your options are usually limited to fast food or someplace with a TV chef’s picture on it. The prices are through the roof because they can be; you are trapped and they know it. For the price, you would expect better food, but again, it does not have to be good because you are trapped and they know it. Airplane food is included in the price of your ticket, and it tastes like it. I have never been beyond coach seating, but one time was “lucky” enough to get a business class meal. I was not expecting much, but for the price difference between the two seats, I expected more. File this under “the soup’s terrible and there is not enough of it.”

The solution? BYO. You can’t bring your own beverages through security, but you can still bring your own food. To avoid a pastry made last year or some questionable chicken pasta, stock up before you leave (a home-made sandwich and trail mix are our personal favorites) and before you fly back home. You won’t have the contents of your own cupboards to choose from, but there are plenty of places that offer delicious and portable food for a fraction of the airport price. And bringing your own allows you to politely decline the in-flight meal with a smug sense of self-satisfaction.

L&A’s go to place on the way out of Amsterdam is Croissanterie Egstorf. This tiny bakery is conveniently located on Spuistraat in central Amsterdam in a corner building. With its cream-colored facade, red awning and the word “Crossanterie” hand-painted in giant black letters above the door, you can’t miss it,  so stop here on your way out of town for some tasty breakfast treats as well as some sandwiches to go. The chocolate croissants are some of the best around, but you really can’t choose wrong. Same with the sandwiches; though already made, they are delicious and reasonably priced. Once you have stowed your lunch in your purse (laptop bag for men), grab your breakfast and start walking towards the train station. Getting to and from the city center to the airport is incredibly easy in Amsterdam; it is a 20 minute train ride from Centraal station to Schiphol Airport-just enough time to eat your morning meal. If you opt for some orange juice, remember to drink it on the train because you can’t take it with you.

 Know Before You Go

If you plan on bringing food with you on the flight, put it in a plastic bag to protect the rest of your belongings.

Bottom Line

The at food Croissanterie Egstorf is not only quick and convenient, but it is also delicious and portable.







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