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Alice’s Tea Cup (Chapter II)

A Little Bit of Wonderland in New York City

New York is built on hyperbole. It’s the “City that Never Sleeps”, the “Capital of the World”, the “Empire City”, etc. Visiting such a city feels daunting because it can easily be overwhelming the minute you enter its atmosphere.

Alice's Tea Cup

If you’re looking for a quiet breakfast hideaway from ceaseless noise of the city, look no further than Alice’s Tea Cup, a set of beautiful and quaint teashops in three Manhattan locations. Built around the Lewis Carroll universe, the tables are reconfigured 19th century sewing machines, the wall art is a juxtaposition of Alice in Wonderland quotes and modern photos of an adult Alice exploring the wonders of Central Park.

Fluffy Scone at Alice's Teacup

But this place is far more than manufactured whimsy. You will encounter the softest, richest scones you have ever tasted. Each scone, ranging from simple buttermilk to sweet red velvet to savory ham and cheddar, comes with creamy butter and raspberry jam. Alice’s also boasts an impressive array of tea options. Try the African Rooibos Reds if you’re into herbal sweetness without the caffeine kick.

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Make sure you turn off your electronic devices. Alice’s doesn’t ban them, but this is the place where a smartphone is out of place among the discreet charm the teashop offers. You’ll want to savor the experience with a two-hour disconnect from the urban realities of the city.

Know Before You Go

Alice’s has three locations (called “chapters”) in the Manhattan area. Check the website for specific hours, although Chapter II has hours from 8am – 8pm.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cozy breakfast with your partner or in a group of close friends, or need a delightful entry into the morning hustle and bustle, Alice’s is the perfect spot.

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