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Big Bay State Park

Camping on Madeline Island

After our sea kayaking day-trip, we loaded up our car and bikes onto the 3:30 Madeline Island Ferry, and made it to our campsite at Big Bay State Park by 4:15.

The campground is small, with only 60 sites available. The sites are also located in a marshy area, so be sure to bring lots of bug spray – the mosquitoes are numerous and tenacious!… Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoying our day trip

The Washington Post’s Marta Zaraska explores whether or not vacations make us truly relaxed and happy – read the article.

Want to enjoy your time off more? Here are some of our tips:

  • Spend time planning – dreaming is half the fun
  • Make sure you build in relaxation time at the beginning of your vacation
  • Be prepared for travel disruptions and stress – let go and enjoy the journey
  • Don’t just lay on the beach – have a sightseeing and activity plan
  • Give your trip a post-mortem – put together a scrapbook or slideshow to keep that vacation feeling alive

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Stevens Point Brewery

Touring the Point Brewery

Brewery Tour in the Heart of Wisconsin

Here at L&A headquarters, we drink a lot of beer, and since we live in Wisconsin, we drink a lot of excellent craft beers. Point Special Lager is a favorite, since it’s a quality brew at a value price.* We also like their craft beers, especially their 2012 Black Ale and Cascade Pale Ale.  

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Living Adventure Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking the Apostle Island National Lakeshore

Daytrip along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Although we are enthusiastic paddlers, we are definitely amateurs, and our kayaking experience has been limited to tooling around shallow, calm lakes, so we were a little trepidatious about sea kayaking on Lake Superior. However, as soon as we arrived at Living Adventure, all of our worries were put to rest.… Continue Reading →


Nice typographic logotype by Albin Holmqvist

Talented designer Albin Holmqvist was commissioned by EF International Language Centers to create typographic logotypes for their 40 destinations. Beautiful work. (via Quipsologies)

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