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Coleman Cooler with a Cat

Gear Review: Coleman Cooler

Now that’s a three day cooler!

Those were the first words my dad said to me when he saw this cooler in the trunk of our car.

What is a three day cooler, you ask? Well, it’s a cooler that can keep your beer and provisions (that’s what you call food when you’re camping) cold for, you guessed it – three days. That means three days without adding more ice. Three days without your milk going sour. Three days with frosty cold beer.

We tested our cooler against a no-name cooler, and it passed with flying colors. The other cooler needed ice every day, but ours stayed icebox-cold for our entire trip. As a matter of fact, we had plenty of ice leftover for the “Test of Manhood”*

Coleman Cooler with a Cat

 Caution: Professional stunt cat. Do not put or keep your cat in a cooler.

* The “Test of Manhood” involves dumping the ice from a cooler onto the driveway after a trip, and then standing on the icecubes barefoot until you can no longer stand it. My first test came shortly after I started dating Kindra. Her dad, brothers and I all stood in piles of ice after they returned from a soccer tournament. I outlasted them all, and thus became the only boyfriend of Kindra’s that her dad ever liked. I guess that’s why we got married.

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