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We, The Pizza

Delicious Pizza in DC

we, the pizzaAfter walking the entire length of the National Mall, from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the US Capitol, you are probably hungry. In order to prevent a perilous crash in blood sugar (which could cause you to argue with your travel companion like Congress debating just how much in taxes people who make 10 to 100 times as much as you do ought to pay), you should probably grab a bite to eat. If you are in DC anytime between March and November, you are also probably sweating because it is always 100 degrees here. All of this talk about the 99% is actually about the humidity, so in order to avoid dehydration, you better get some beer with your food.

we, the pizzaLuckily, there is an awesome pizza place just around the corner from the Capitol to bring you back from the brink of hunger and thirst. We, The Pizza serves up hot pizza and cold beer at a convenient location on Pennsylvania Avenue, southeast of the Capitol (not by the White House). They will put your pie together pretty quickly, so if you don’t have much time, this is an ideal place to stop. The upstairs dining area is spacious enough to spread out and windows let in plenty of light, making it a pleasant place to linger and cool off before hitting up the Smithsonian or the Capitol. 

Know Before You Go

We, The Pizza is open Monday through Saturday from 11:30am to 11:00pm and is closed on Sunday.

Bottom Line

With fast service and a location around the corner from the Capitol, this is the perfect place to stop for lunch while visiting DC.

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