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Vleminckx Sausmeesters French Fries

They’re better than fries — they’re frites.

Belgian Frites in AmsterdamYou know the feeling: it’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’ve been walking all day enjoying the sites of the city, and now you’re hungry. Lunch was two museums ago, and dinner isn’t for ages. The solution? Vleminckx Frites at 33 Voetboogstraat, just off the Spui in the center of Amsterdam.

You know the adage “if you have one thing on the menu – you better do it right” – they invented it. They offer only two items, medium frites and large frites, though you can choose from a wide variety of mayos – including curry flavored.They are the gold standard of fries against which all others should be judged. We stop there at least once (okay, daily) when we’re in Amsterdam. It is a tasty, cheap snack, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Know Before You Go

Word is out that these frites are the best around, so there may be a line. Don’t despair, though, because the staff is quick and keeps it moving along. Walk back up the street to the Spui to eat your frites. There are benches to sit at and the walk will let them cool just enough to keep your tongue from getting scalded.

Bottom Line

Did we mention they are the best fries in the world?


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