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Travel Tip #45: Breakfast

What Have We Always Said Is The Most Important Thing?

We mean of the things we eat and that is breakfast. Starting the day with a good breakfast boosts your blood sugar to elevate your mood and your energy levels. This is important every day, but it is doubly important when you are traveling because you will need those high spirits and high energy to confront the challenges of being away from home in an unfamiliar environment. Hotels seem to know the importance of this meal, so it is often available either in your room or in a common area. Whether you should take your hotel up on their offer depends entirely on the price.

If the hotel offers breakfast at no extra charge, take them up on it. You have already paid for it so you have nothing to lose by seeing what they have to offer. Even if the food is terrible, they will usually have some toast and preserves, which, though not impossible, are pretty hard to screw up. If you don’t like what you see, simply leave and forage for food outside of the hotel. If the food is passable, or better yet, delicious, fill up. You can make your food budget go further by pocketing a few slices of bread with some jam for a take-away lunch, but you did not hear it from us.

If the hotel offers breakfast that you have to pay for, you are better off skipping it. They will charge you a premium price for a meal that is probably not premium. Your taste buds and wallet will thank you by venturing out to the local cafe and eating breakfast with everyone else who is not staying in your hotel. The food will be cheaper and the coffee will be better and you will not have sit next to the guy you saw roaming the hallways in a hand towel the night before.

Know Before You Go

Check to see if breakfast is included in the price when you book your hotel. If it isn’t, do a little research to find out where the cafes are in your hotel’s neighborhood before you leave.

Bottom Line

Breakfast at the hotel is worth checking out only if it is included in the room price.


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