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Travel Tip #42: Finding a House Sitter

A good pet sitter can save you time, sanity and money

As you can see, we have three adorable (and high-maintenance) pets. So when we go adventuring, we need to find suckers awesome people who will take care of them for us. Here are our tips for building a successful pet sitting relationship, so you don’t have to worry about your furry family when you’re off climbing mountains and drinking beer.

  1. Be completely upfront about your pets and your expectations: before you rope someone into pet sitting – be sure that they know Fido needs to sleep under the covers, and Fluffy needs to be taken out 12 times a day. If your prospective pet sitter is cool with that, then you are all good – and if they aren’t, you can find someone else. It’s important that everyone knows what they are getting into before you actually leave.
  2. Meet and greet: it’s always good if your pet sitter can meet the pets and tour your home before the big trip.
  3. Make a list: write down everything you think your pet sitter will need to know. This includes feeding and medication times, your vet’s phone number, and the emergency vet’s phone number. Also include any personality “quirks” that may have slipped your mind during the meet and greet.
  4. Stock the fridge: Fill it with pizza and beer, and we guarantee your pet sitter will be back. Cookies don’t hurt either.
  5. Let go: Yeah, we know you made a list, but pet care isn’t rocket science, and your pet sitter is a responsible, intelligent, loving adult. They will take awesome care of your pets. Don’t worry and enjoy your trip.
  6. Thank you gift: bring back something awesome from your travels for your pet sitter – after all, they just took care of your favorite furry friends, saving you boarding costs, transport time, and anxiety.

Also, many thanks to our favorite pet sitters – Abby & Nick – you guys rock!

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