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Powell’s City of Books

An Entire City Block Filled With New & Used Books

Powell's City of Books, Portland

Amazon & your Kindle may be convenient, but there’s just no substitute for the pleasure that browsing in a great bookstore can bring, and Powell’s is definitely a great bookstore. With over a million books in stock, the depth and breadth of the selection is breathtaking. Need to pick up a Dutch primer that went of print in 1968? They’ve got it. Want to pick up the lastest Steven King? They’ve got that too.

Pick up a latte in the cafe and prepare to spend an enjoyable afternoon browsing the stacks. Oh, and if you need help navigating there’s an app for that (or you can always ask one of the friendly staff).

Ryan at Powell's Book Store, Portland

Know Before You Go

Open daily from 9am – 11pm. Check their website for special events, including happy hour and book signings. Block off plenty of time for browsing – it’s easy to get lost among the tomes.

Bottom Line

Powell’s has over one million books, and if you can’t find it here, you can always print on demand using their Espresso book machine.

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