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Travel Tip #14: When to Go?

Airfare Tip #1: When should you go?

Airfare tipsIf you get a choice, traveling during spring or fall offers cheaper airfare, decent weather and shorter lines. Travel over the summer or holidays is the most expensive – with the kids out of school and the weather warm, this is the time when families hit the road or head to the skies for some sight seeing and R+R. Travel is usually cheapest in January and February, but the weather is often the worst. Sure you will spend half of what you would in July, but it is cold, rainy and it gets dark at 4:30pm, so you will get a poor return on your investment if you are stuck in your hotel watching Germany’s Funniest Home Videos. The so-called shoulder months (April, May, September and October) offer a nice compromise between cost and climate.

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