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Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood

All Work And No Play…

Mt. Hood

Just kidding. A trip to the Timberline Lodge is actually not a lot of work, and once there, there is plenty of opportunity to play. The outside of the building was used for the exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining. (The interior and, alas, the hedge maze, were built specifically for the movie and filmed in England.)

The Timberline Lodge

The Timberline Lodge was built in the 1930s as a WPA project to promote winter recreation. When the lodge was dedicated, President Roosevelt said, “Those who will follow us to Timberline Lodge on their holidays and vacations will represent the enjoyment of new opportunities for play in every season of the year.” Indeed. In addition to being a popular ski resort, there are trails for snowshoeing, hiking and mountain biking.

Mt. Jefferson

Even if you don’t plan on hitting the trails or slopes, the Timberline still has much to offer. Entrance is free and the views of from Mt. Hood are simply amazing. It is cold on the mountain, so it is a nice place to warm up or dry your clothes. If you are hungry or thirsty, the lodge boasts four restaurants and bars. The views from the Ram’s Head, as well as their corn chowder and hot chocolate, are reason enough to make this trip.

If you feel like spending the night on Mt. Hood, remember that the Timberline Lodge is a lodge, and has rooms ranging from family-style rooms with bunk beds to more romantic digs with a fireplace.

Know Before You Go

Getting up here is half of the fun. The Mt. Hood Highway (US 26) snakes around the base of the mountain. To get to the Timberline, take the well-marked Timberline Highway. This road winds up the the mountain climbing to a final elevation of 6000 feet in 6 miles.

Bottom Line

Don’t miss this easy day trip from Portland. Just make sure to tell Scatman Crothers where you are going.


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