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The Victory

The East Side of Madison’s Best Coffee

the victory“I feel like coffee,” she says.

“I want ice cream,” he says.

The solution? The Victory. Located on the corner of Atwood Avenue and Corry Street on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin, the Victory is the place for coffee in Madison’s hip east side neighborhood. While other places focus on putting ice cream in their coffee, Victory simply sells them both side by side. We are in America’s Dairyland after all, and when we are not putting cheese on everything (our dads put cheese on hotdogs and butter on saltines), we are having ice cream at every opportunity. The University of Wisconsin manufactures its own Babcock Hall Ice Cream right on campus and sells it in just about every building. The Victory serves Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, a hometown favorite.the victory

The coffee, while not roasted in Madison, comes from Anodyne Coffee in Milwaukee. Anodyne’s coffee is so rich, that L&A made a trip to Milwaukee to the source (we did some other things, too, but the trip was built around grabbing a latte first). The Victory takes the beans and makes a delicious cup of coffee. Ryan likes a small mocha with some whipped cream (and will tell you repeatedly about that one time they put extra chocolate in his drink), while Kindra favors the large latte (she does have a caffeine habit, after all). The place is small, but there is still room for private conversations, though talking to the other patrons and the friendly staff is encouraged.the victory

Know Before You Go

The Victory is open from 7:30am to 7:30pm on Sunday, 6:30am to 7:30pm Monday through Thursday, 6:30am to 9pm Friday and 7:30am to 9pm on Saturday. Late hours mean you can stop here for an after dinner drink before you head out for the evening.

Bottom Line

The Victory has excellent coffee and an excellent staff. If we did not have to go to work, we would never leave this place each morning.

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