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Stumptown Coffee (Downtown)

Get your coffee fix, PDX style

Latte at Stumptown Portland

Stumptown Coffee is a legend, and for good reason, in a city obsessed with coffee, it’s hands down the best place to score your caffeine fix. There are no drip machines behind the counter – each airpot of coffee is filled from french presses; and each latte is lovingly crafted by the baristas. We went to the downtown location every morning, and were delighted each time by the tasty coffee and excellent customer service. Don’t be scared by the lines, they move quickly and efficiently, and the time waiting allows you to bask in the mellow friendliness of the store (and check out the pastry case too!)

Know Before You Go

Open 6 am to 7 pm, Monday – Friday and 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday – Sunday. Lines can be long. If you are getting doughnuts next door at VooDoo, grab a coffee here first – you’ll need it in line!

Bottom Line

Don’t miss visiting a Stumptown location if you are in Portland, Seattle or New York.

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