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Sprecher Brewery

A Brewery Tour that’s not just for Beer Aficionados

Milwaukee’s legacy as the beer capital of the world may be tarnished with the Closing of Pabst, Blatz and Schlitz and the sale of Miller to an international concern, but small breweries like Milwaukee Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery and Sprecher Brewery are working hard to bring beer back to Milwaukee. And it is working. The beer brewed in Milwaukee today is better than the brew our dads drank in a bygone era.sprecher

Sprecher Brewery is located in Glendale, a suburb on the north side of Milwaukee. This short and engaging tour is great for brewery beginners and families. The tour begins in the gift shop and takes you through Sprecher’s brewing and bottling process. Highlights of the tour include viewing the murals of the Bavarian countryside on the bottling line and seeing the massive amounts of Wisconsin honey used to make their beers. A bonus for kids (and everyone) is the wide variety of sodas made here. Their flagship root beer can be found at many restaurants and bars in Wisconsin, but they also make cherry, orange and cream soda.

sprecherAfter the tour is over, your wristband is good for four 8oz. samples of beer and unlimited samples of soda in the indoor beer garden. They have pretzels, chips and cheese curds for sale – in case you want some food to go with all that beer.

Know before you go:

Reservations are required for the tour, we recommend telephoning at least a week in advance for your spot. They also offer reserve tastings, with 10 samples, each paired with artisan cheese.

Bottom line:

Fun tour for everyone – even kids and teetotalers.

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