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Crepes in Paris

Restaurant la Coopérative Rivoli

Refuel at an authentic French Bistrot by the Louvre

Visiting the Louvre is a big undertaking. With 435 rooms spanning 652,300 square feet and thousands of artworks on display, you need optimum nutrition to maintain your museum visiting stamina. And by optimum nutrition, we mean crepes.
Who could resist?
If you’re not in the mood for crepes, they also have menu filled with French specialties like steak tartare and escargots. If you’re a vegetarian, stick to the crepes or ask for a salad with no meat. (Sadly, Paris not very vegetarian friendly yet – if you eat seafood, you’ll be fine, however.)

Know before you go

The crepes are excellent, and they do offer a full menu. By the way, your Louvre ticket is good for the whole day, so if you’re suffering from art lag and need a break, you can always run over for lunch or dinner, and then return to your tour of the museum refreshed.

Bottom line

Great menu, good prices and friendly waitstaff. If you’re looking for a great place near the Louvre, this is it!

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