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Relaxing in Cambodia

A photo essay exploring beautiful beaches, waterfalls & shopping

Sarrut OukSarrut Ouk is a Madison, Wisconsin based food blogger. Her parents were forced to flee Cambodia during the 1980s, and hadn’t seen their family since. In March 2013, Sarrut and her family visited Cambodia and tracked down their long-lost relatives. She is sharing her journey with the readers of Love & Adventure through a series of photo essays. You can read more about Sarrut at Get n’ Mah Belly & Finding the Ouks.

Part one of Sarrut’s photo essay: Museums, Monuments & Temples in Cambodia
Part two: Cambodian Markets & Food


Sihanoukville Beach
(Photo Courtesy: Laurel Finn)

Beaches are one of the best places to get away. At Sihanoukville, we did just that. I forgot I was anywhere in the world. Do be careful which Sihanoukville beach you stay at. Some are very peaceful and some have a very strong tourist presence…think Cancun during spring break. Ask a local which beach is best.

Waiting for our breakfast right on the beach.

Sihanoukville Beach
Photo courtesy: Saran Ouk

Just loving the beach.


Another amazing water related activity is visiting the waterfalls. There are plenty in Cambodia. The one we went to was at Phnom Kulen.
Plenty of the locals come to Phnom Kulen to play in the water, staying cool in the 100 degree weather.

Phnom Kulen
Photo courtesy: Laurel Finn

The best part is the waterfall.


Shopping can be a form of relaxation. I loved to shop, and bargaining I love even more! Shopping in Cambodia is a bit of a game. I try to figure out what the real price is by playing hardball and walk away. I stay to the price I want to pay. If they are able to get me to pay their price, it’s because I bundled a few more items with it. Love it!

I got a couple of these for only $5.
Souvenir stand.
We got 4 shot glasses, 6 key chains for only $4.

You can find many unique gifts here. But sometimes you need a unique gift yourself. We needed a massage and massages here are not hard to find. But what’s so unique about a massage? How about a fish massage?
These fishes eat all the dead skin off our feet. It was surprising, the first few nibbles, but after awhile you get use to it. It was 30 minutes for only $3 plus you get a beverage.
Cambodia was absolutely amazing. And since it is where my parents are from, I felt like I belong. There are so much beauty and excitement, I’d go back in a heartbeat and experience it all over again and to go find new adventures.

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